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Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Since early 2000, Trend Group has manufactured Terrazzo Floor Tile with emphasis on beauty, customization and durability. Trend Terrazzo Tile, brings back the timeless look of terrazzo, without the time frame of the installation and complications of a terrazzo floor.

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Trend Terrazzo


A breakthrough line of engineered flooring that combines beauty and customization with unparalleled durability and sustainability, a mesh of Italian artistic tradition and the innovative technologies of the modern world.

Since Trend's inception in Vicenza, Italy in the year 2000, this young company has enlarged its horizons at 360 degrees. Today, Trend is present in 5 continents, with manufacturing plants in 3 continents. Trend USA is headquartered in Florida with the manufacturing plant for TREND Terrazzo in Sebring, FL.

Architects, designers and clients worldwide have used Trend Terrazzo Tiles for a wide range of commercial and residential application. Trend’s founder and President Pino Bisazza and CEO Andrea Di Giuseppe have lent their incredible industry experience and most importantly, vision, to the lively innovation Trend has become known for while reflecting an awareness and respect of the earth’s natural resources.


Trend Terrazzo History


Trend Terrazzo Headquarters







TREND respecting a tradition of innovation.

With a lifetime of experience in manufacturing premium quality glass and tile, Dr. Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe brought together their most passionate and committed colleagues in 2000 to incorporate The Trend Group. These visionary business leaders have built a company with more than 700 employees across the globe, creating a legacy that meshes Italian artistic tradition, respect for the earth’s resources, and the innovative technologies of the modern world.

The Group is firmly rooted in the artistic integrity of its Venetian glass foundry, the Angelo Orsoni Furnace. These centuries-old materials take their place alongside the most advanced production at the Group’s manufacturing facility in Sebring, Florida, which provides engineered agglomerates to Trend’s discriminating network of dealers and its growing international franchise system of Granite Transformations showrooms.

The Trend Group symbol has long been a stylized cactus, an icon representing the fertility of Trend’s creativity in even the most arid terrain. It is an emblem of perseverance in challenging times and of deeply rooted commitments that make innovation a true lever, capable of moving the market.


TREND extending the reach of service.

Nowhere is the juxtaposition of tradition and technology more apparent than at Trend Group’s world headquarters in the Villa alle Scalette, perched atop the heart of Vicenza, Italy. Beginning in 2005, the seventeenth century façade of the Villa was painstakingly restored while the interiors were transformed by the galaxy of Trend’s most contemporary materials. Around every corner is a new insight into the world of the Group’s collections, materials, technologies, artistic techniques and formats. This fusion of past and present is a living demonstration of the infinite applications of Trend’s creative capabilities.

Trend USA serves the North American and Latin American markets with corporate offices in Miramar, Florida, Distribution Centers in Sebring (FL) and Dallas (TX), and the engineered agglomerate manufacturing facility called E-Stone in Sebring.

The Trend Australasia headquarters in New South Wales serves as central support for the Group’s base in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, distributes Trend product to the Granite Transformations franchise network in those markets, and promotes expansion throughout the region.

Trend Europe is based in Tunbridge Wells, England, and is the focus of operations for the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Granite Transformations franchisees in those markets, and is spearheading development on the continent.

Production site

TREND putting technology into action. Turning Technology Into Art.

Production site 
Sebring, Florida- Now the worldwide source of Trend’s agglomerate surfaces, this state-of-the-art facility currently produces 800,000 square meters annually. New equipment already installed and tested will more than double this capacity.

Vivaro, Italy- With agglomerate production moved to Florida, Trend’s plant in Vivaro now focuses on the manufacture of the company’s specialty glass mosaic lines, including the exclusive gold leaf Aureo collection. This facility creates more than 6000 square meters of mosaic per month.

Venezia, Italy- The charming Orsoni glass foundry in Venice still manufactures mosaic in the centuries-old manner. Trend utilizes this facility for the specialty products that artisan customers request, including the traditional gold leaf Aureo and our hand-cut smalti.

Kadi, India- The operations of Pino Bisazza Stone and Gemstone are the source of Trend’s extensive and diverse collections of glass mosaic and decorative glass assembly sites turning the tons of individual glass mosaic tiles produced in our Indian facilities into carefully calibrated uniform sheets and exquisitely detailed designs is both art and science. The Trend locations that specialize in this function are located in: Sydney (Australia), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Sebring (Florida).

Commercial offices:

Trend has established full-service commercial offices strategically positioned to meet the needs of significant customer bases.

In addition to the headquarters in Italy, The United States, Australia, England and Brazil, these offices include, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong (China) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Trend’s latest headquarters opening, the Sao Paulo offices of TREND VENEZIA are positioned to spearhead the expansion of Trend’s businesses into the burgeoning South American market.


TREND because green is much more than a color.

Long before it became fashionable, the Trend Group declared a commitment to implementing real-world processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources. Key to the Group’s direction was the belief that great style and beauty did not have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility.

The Group’s development of new product lines set an industry benchmark for the use of post-consumer recycled content in Trend Terrazzo tile products, reaching levels as high as 72%.

The Group’s manufacturing facilities were designed with sophisticated water recycling systems (99.8% of water is recycled) that significantly reduce water consumption and the proliferation of pollutants.
The consumption of packaging materials has been reduced through the use of recycled or reusable packaging, and the overall waste produced at the Sebring, Florida, and plant has been cut by over 22%.

Trend Group’s Eco-Philosophy is a fundamentally ethical approach to business, based on the company’s consciousness of its place in the natural order. Trend chooses to walk with the world. We are committed to working with the most prestigious environmental organizations in the world to lead the green building charge. Trend Q: up to 72% post-consumer recycled content.

The website you see here explains and reinforces our commitment to green and gives updates on our international “green team’s” progress in obtaining our various certifications.

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