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Bring the Sea Inside with These Decorating Ideas

Nature provides plenty of inspiration when it comes to decorating and the sea is no exception. At once harmonious and powerful, bringing the color inspiration and contrasts that exist between the sea, grasses and sand is possible with the following decorating ideas.

Four Ways to Use Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Terracotta tiles are known for their warm and welcoming vibe that evokes the relaxation of the Mediterranean. Often pictures in their trademark reddish and brown hues, terracotta tiles actually come in a variety of shades and tones which adds to their versatility -- and their popularity. Below are just a few of the many ways you can integrate terracotta terrazzo tiles into your home.

What's Your Tile Style?

These days, terrazzo tiles come in so many styles, colors, shades and tones that it can be a challenge to narrow down the options that are best for a particular room or area. Whether you're looking for terrazzo tiles for your latest home remodeling project or you're an architect or designer tasked with choosing the best style for a particular application, the guide below can help focus your choices.

TIle Designs You Might Not Have Thought of For Your Next Project

When you use terrazzo tile, you open up a whole new world of design that goes far beyond white tiled bathrooms. Today, tile is one of the most popular materials found in homes including bathrooms and beyond. Below are three tile designs that are ideal for consideration for your next home improvement project.

5 Modern Shape Trends in Tile Flooring

Octagonal tiles have long been in use in bathrooms and kitchens. While there's nothing wrong with using a classic shape like octagon when considering how to design your tile flooring, there might be other shapes that hold more appeal to you. This is especially true if you want the classic ease and beauty of having terrazzo tiles while also making these often-boring rooms stand out more.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside: Using Yellow Tile as an Interior Color

Are you a lover of warm weather and sunshine? Do you wish that you could get that summery feeling all year long? Using yellow tile inside a home or business allows you to bring the outdoors inside in a way that's easy to manage and gorgeous to look at, too!

3 Tile Design Ideas That Need to be on Your Short List

Tile is your perfect accessory if you're looking to make a statement in your home or a new architectural project. It speaks highly of its versatility because each of the ideas below could easily work in either a residential or a business setting.

Is Black the New Neutral Color for Design?

Colors ranging from grays to beiges have long been the standard of what is neutral. Not only are they versatile and comforting, these colors easily match with nearly any design that a homeowner might envision. Even better, a home designed of neutral tile colors allows the homeowner to add pops of other brighter and bolder colors that make a more impactful statement.

Three Locations to Add Statement Tile

When it comes to making a statement, sometimes less is more. Using a small number of terrazzo tiles to create a statement wall, for example, provides more flexibility for the homeowner when it comes to adding personality, character, charm, boldness and a host of other design elements. Below are some of the top locations that benefit from the addition of statement tiles.

Tile Designs That are Truly Timeless

Tile designs that are timeless mean that a space is able to effortlessly weather the trends and fashions that dictate the industry without ever going out of style. While this approach is an ideal one for homeowners to follow if they want to see their home in the near future or for architects designing a public space, it can also be useful for homeowners who want a solid decorating foundation. By grounding the basic decor of a home in timeless elements, it's easier for a homeowner to redecorate and change things up without investing a great deal of time and money to a complete remodel. Below are three ways to get a timeless terrazzo tile design:

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