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Three Ways to Create a Bedroom Oasis

While your home is the one place that should provide a place for you to retreat to and relax, most people still reserve their living room and kitchen as public areas. It's only once you head to the bathroom that real privacy and relaxation are achieved. Whether you're looking to completely overhaul your current decor or you're starting fresh palette with a brand-new space, the following tips can help you build a personalized oasis that's relaxing and inviting.

Increase Your Home's Value in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you are gearing up to sell your home in the near future or you simply want to position it as an easier sale in the long term, there are several steps you can take now to increase your home's value. The best four of these easy and effective methods are explained below.

Inspirational Fireplace Ideas for This Winter

In many areas of the country, the cooler fall weather is firmly entrenched. This means that more people rely on their fireplaces to help stave off the cold or to provide a cozier ambiance inside. Below are just a few ways to use terrazzo tiles to add inspiration to your fireplace this winter.

From Subtle to Bold: 6 Ways to Add Terrazzo to a Home or Business

It's official: the terrazzo trend is sweeping the design teams of manufacturers of everything from clothing to home goods. In spite of the recent popularity of this color option that features shimmering flecks of different colors against a solid background, terrazzo has been around for centuries in the form of tiles. Today, terrazzo tiles are a popular flooring option for both businesses and homes that are looking for a gorgeous and durable material. Terrazzo tiles also find their way onto kitchen counters, bathroom showers, living room fireplaces and more.

Green Remodeling Ideas

Is remodeling your home on your mind? Maybe you're adding another bathroom or making the kitchen big so that your house works better for the way your life. Or perhaps your home needs an updated look to keep up its value. Regardless of why you're remodeling, the following green ideas will help you save money while reducing your effects on the environment.

Yes, You Can Easily Add Brick to Your Home's Interior!

Brick for the exterior of a home is a material that tends to increase a house's appeal. The addition of brickwork to the inside of a home adds lots of character, warmth and comfort to any room. Whether it's an entire brick wall or just a portion, its exposure inside your home gives it a trendy industrial look with oodles of texture and color.

Is a Wet Room in Your Future?

Popular in Europe, Mexico and other regions in the world, wet rooms are quickly gaining popularity in the United States as a way to upgrade a bathroom. Sleek, modern and easily accessible to anyone, a wet room is also easier to clean and maintain. Its design style can best be described as seamless because the floors and walls blend effortlessly together.

Stunning Ways to Use Gray Terrazzo Tiles

Long in use for both commercial and industrial spaces, gray terrazzo tiles continue to be a popular choice for homes as well. While gray has gotten a bad reputation as being drab, washed out and lifeless in terms of its usefulness, the tide has been turning on this perception as more homeowners realize the beauty and versatility that gray terrazzo tiles can provide their homes. Wondering how you might incorporate gray into your home? Consider the ideas below!

Create a Hallway That's as Welcoming as the Rest of Your Home

What do your hallways say to you when you arrive home after a long day out? Do they envelop you in warmth and welcome you to the comfort and relaxation of your space? Or do they feel cold and sterile? Is the space as generic and unwelcoming as the hallway in an office building or other public area? If your answer is one of the last two, don't despair. There's lots you can do to make your hallways inviting!

Extend the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Spaces with Trend Terrazzo

Making the most of your outdoor living space used to mean picking out complementary landscaping, adding a patio or building a backyard BBQ pit. Today, though, with more people than ever before using their outdoor spaces as an extension of their home, terrazzo tiles provide the perfect medium to work with.

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