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Tips for Making Mosaic Tiles Work in the Bathroom

Mosaic tiles can add modern style and freshness to update your bathroom. With the design trends available today, you can enjoy a great deal of flexibility and customization when it comes to your bathroom. Here are a few tips to help get your creative juices flowing.

4 Bathroom Designs That You Should Avoid

Whether you're looking for a way to update your home to improve your enjoyment of it or you're aiming to sell it in the near future, you'll want to be aware of the following trends. These are ones whose value often does not transfer well and that can make a potential buyer think twice before committing to your home.

Bridging the Indoors and Out With Stone Tile

One of the biggest trends that homeowners have embraced is the blurring of the line between the inside of their homes and the outside. More people are using their home's interior as an extension of the outside and vice versa. This gives them significantly more space to work and play in.

Tile Edge Options

Here's a quick question if you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the near future. What kind of tile edge are you planning to use on your cabinets? If you don't know what your options are or you weren't going to use any tile edge, read on for some ideas.

How Tile Can Add Visual Appeal and Value

Tile is a truly versatile and decorative material whose use can extend far beyond the floor and walls in your bathroom. While a tile bathroom is at once a beautiful and functional space, versatile terrazzo tiles can bring their expansive array of advantages to any room in your house. Here's how they can add visual appeal while retaining value.

A Cheat Sheet for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Are you one of the many homeowners who find themselves floundering when it comes time to choose your kitchen backsplash. Once considered to be almost an afterthought, today the kitchen backsplash has finally come into its own. It's now recognized as being an integral part of your kitchen's design. Here's a cheat sheet to keep in mind when choosing yours:

How to Find the Right Tile for Your Backsplash

Even though it is often not given very much thought, the kitchen backsplash you choose can conflict with the rest of the design scheme of your home or serve as a seamless complement to the room. Learn about some of the many different types of terrazzo tile you can choose from for your kitchen backsplash.

Ways to Meet Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget With Tile

Have you decided that you're finally going to tackle that bathroom remodeling project that you've been putting off? Are you hesitate to start it because you're concerned about going over your budget? With terrazzo tiles, you can meet your project budget and still enjoy a brand new remodeled bathroom.

3 Ways to Improve Your Pool This Season

The pool tile you choose can make a big difference in your enjoyment. The right tile means that you have to spend less time on maintenance which leaves more time for relaxing. Keep the following options in mind when you're thinking about tile for the pool area.

How to Make Your Home Healthier This Spring

If you're like most people, you consider your home to be a haven from the harmful things in the world. Regardless of what is going on outside its four walls -- pollution, allergens and toxins, for example -- they are left behind the moment you cross its threshold. Unfortunately, you might not be as safe from these things inside your home as you think. Here's how to make sure your home is the true haven you want it to be.

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