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Three Locations to Add Statement Tile

When it comes to making a statement, sometimes less is more. Using a small number of terrazzo tiles to create a statement wall, for example, provides more flexibility for the homeowner when it comes to adding personality, character, charm, boldness and a host of other design elements. Below are some of the top locations that benefit from the addition of statement tiles.

Tile Designs That are Truly Timeless

Tile designs that are timeless mean that a space is able to effortlessly weather the trends and fashions that dictate the industry without ever going out of style. While this approach is an ideal one for homeowners to follow if they want to see their home in the near future or for architects designing a public space, it can also be useful for homeowners who want a solid decorating foundation. By grounding the basic decor of a home in timeless elements, it's easier for a homeowner to redecorate and change things up without investing a great deal of time and money to a complete remodel. Below are three ways to get a timeless terrazzo tile design:

3 New Twists on Classic Tile Styles

You've decided that you want to use classic tile styles to decorate your home. You love the idea of having a solid decorating foundation that allows you to change out elements depending on your mood, the season and your budget and knowing that the classic look will also lend itself to a timeless design. You can also go timeless with a twist and add in a captivating look that makes your home stand above the ordinary. Here's how:

Add Stone Elements to Elevate Your Interior Design

Stone tile elements are a hot trend right now, and it doesn't appear that this will slow down any time soon. Not only is stone tile an invitation to the viewer to look more closely at the element itself, it also invites them to look at it as part of the bigger picture as well. The addition of stone tile also adds a depth and texture to your interior design that encourages people to touch it.

3 Innovative Ways Homeowners Can Go Green in 2018

Going green isn't a new concept. In fact, a trend that was spurred by the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra has mushroomed to include a number of other innovations that promise to reduce energy consumption while increasing sustainability. For homeowners who want to go beyond reduce, reuse and recycle, here are some innovative ways to do so:

Get the Trendy Industrial Look with Concrete Look Tiles

If you're a homeowner, you might be surprised to learn that concrete is material that's moving beyond the trendy and becoming a mainstay in many homes around the world. Architects and designers of commercial spaces aren't likely to be as surprised. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you might want to know how you can get the look of concrete without actually using concrete.

How Terrazzo Tile Solves Your Biggest Flooring Issues

Life today is busy enough without needing to be concerned about whether your flooring can handle the demands you place on it. With terrazzo tiles, you can basically install it, then forget it! It's the only flooring material that solves all of today's biggest flooring issues. Here's how they do so:

Using the Right Lighting to Accentuate Your Kitchen Countertops

Chances are that your countertops are a major part of the look of your kitchen. Regardless of the style and color of terrazzo tiles you choose for your kitchen countertop, the lighting you use can either hide their beauty or accentuate it. With the right lighting, the beauty of your entire kitchen -- and its gorgeous terrazzo tiled countertop -- will be the room's focal point. Below are a few ideas that work well in the kitchen:

How to Use Wood Look Tiles in Your Outdoor Spaces

Wood flooring is a hot trend that is warmly classical and welcoming. One only has to look at the popularity of hardwood floors that anyone can get now with the range of engineered wood planks available. Previously, though, the beauty of wood flooring has been relegated to the inside of the home because it simply isn't designed to withstand the outside elements.

Ways to Make Your Kitchen Pop with Black Subway Tiles

The kitchen is the undisputed center of any home so it pays to make it inviting in ways that match your style. Black subway terrazzo tiles are a product that is as versatile as it is beautiful. It's the perfect addition to any kitchen and here are four ways to help you pull it off in yours!

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