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Is a Wet Room in Your Future?

Popular in Europe, Mexico and other regions in the world, wet rooms are quickly gaining popularity in the United States as a way to upgrade a bathroom. Sleek, modern and easily accessible to anyone, a wet room is also easier to clean and maintain. Its design style can best be described as seamless because the floors and walls blend effortlessly together.

Stunning Ways to Use Gray Terrazzo Tiles

Long in use for both commercial and industrial spaces, gray terrazzo tiles continue to be a popular choice for homes as well. While gray has gotten a bad reputation as being drab, washed out and lifeless in terms of its usefulness, the tide has been turning on this perception as more homeowners realize the beauty and versatility that gray terrazzo tiles can provide their homes. Wondering how you might incorporate gray into your home? Consider the ideas below!

Create a Hallway That's as Welcoming as the Rest of Your Home

What do your hallways say to you when you arrive home after a long day out? Do they envelop you in warmth and welcome you to the comfort and relaxation of your space? Or do they feel cold and sterile? Is the space as generic and unwelcoming as the hallway in an office building or other public area? If your answer is one of the last two, don't despair. There's lots you can do to make your hallways inviting!

Extend the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Spaces with Trend Terrazzo

Making the most of your outdoor living space used to mean picking out complementary landscaping, adding a patio or building a backyard BBQ pit. Today, though, with more people than ever before using their outdoor spaces as an extension of their home, terrazzo tiles provide the perfect medium to work with.

Real-Life Examples Help You Visualize the True Terrazzo Tile Look

When creating a new look for your home, it can be difficult to visualize how some aspects of it might look when it comes to the real-room setting. The same kind of disconnect can exist when it comes to choosing the right materials for a project.

Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Have you ever heard the story about the homeowner who decided they needed a change from their current home so they wanted to sell it. They didn't like some aspect of it or they were tired of looking at the same four walls day in and day out. Once the homeowner did all the updates, improvements and upgrades that they needed to so the house would be appealing to potential buyers, they realized that they'd actually fallen in love with it all over again and didn't want to sell it after all.

Use Wood-Look Terrazzo Tiles to Add Warmth to Your Home's Floor This Winter

It's not too early to think about winter and the effects it will have on your lifestyle. If you're looking for an innovative way to add the look of real wood to your home this winter -- without the costly and time-consuming upkeep that wood requires -- terrazzo tiles are the solution you've been looking for.

How to Use Terrazzo Tiles in Your Period Home

Keeping the character and charm offered by a period home doesn't have to be a challenge when you use terrazzo tiles. In fact, by using the right terrazzo tiles, you can enliven your period home as you restore some of its best features by taking advantage of its legacy and heritage. This is possible -- and even easy! -- by focusing on floor and wall tiles that are in the colors and styles popular during the home's particular time frame.

Bring the Sea Inside with These Decorating Ideas

Nature provides plenty of inspiration when it comes to decorating and the sea is no exception. At once harmonious and powerful, bringing the color inspiration and contrasts that exist between the sea, grasses and sand is possible with the following decorating ideas.

Four Ways to Use Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Terracotta tiles are known for their warm and welcoming vibe that evokes the relaxation of the Mediterranean. Often pictures in their trademark reddish and brown hues, terracotta tiles actually come in a variety of shades and tones which adds to their versatility -- and their popularity. Below are just a few of the many ways you can integrate terracotta terrazzo tiles into your home.

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