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Ceramic, Stone or Wood? Everything You Need to Know About Your Home's Flooring Options

Bamboo. Cork. Ceramic porcelain. Natural stone. With so many unique options to choose from, whoever said choosing a flooring option was easy?

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Bamboo. Cork. Ceramic porcelain. Natural stone.

With so many unique options to choose from, whoever said choosing a flooring option was easy? Styles have come and gone for the better part of the past century, and some styles have stuck around long past their initial introduction because of their popularity. Now, some homeowners are even taking to buying re-purposed wine barrels and using them to line their kitchen floors for a greener, more rustic feel. Hey, to each her own, right?

Making your final decision for flooring comes only after weeks, and perhaps even months, of debating and examining the small samples of your prospective materials. If you've just moved into a brand-new home or if you're looking to replace your existing flooring in the hope of upping your home's resale value, you're probably a bit overwhelmed at all your available choices -- but don't be. We've made it as simple as it can possibly be.

These are the pro tips everyone -- from professional terrazzo flooring contractors to the average suburban homebuyer -- needs to know.

Porcelain tiles

The Benefits: Porcelain is just one type of ceramic tile on the market today, but most experts agree that it's the most popular. It completes a certain look that suggests elegance but not inaccessibility, and it's renowned for its stain-fighting resilience.

The Drawbacks: According to, porcelain floor tiles have an unnecessarily tough texture for residential use. That's why they're also found in places that see heavy foot and traffic - like airports. Though they may look nice, porcelain tiles might not be as homey as they appear.

Composite materials

The Benefits: Marble, quartz, granite, and glass - these are just some of the components that make up composites like terrazzo floor tiles. A quick Google image search for terrazzo floor designs will show a bounty of uniformly textured, decorative ideas and will open up a world of possibility for your kitchen or other parts of your home.

The Drawbacks: No terrazzo installation job is DIY, so make sure you get in contact with local terrazzo flooring contractors to complete the job. Then again, this might not be a drawback after all. Don't you want the job done right the first time?

Wood flooring

The Benefits: As pastoral as they are vintage, wood floors have spiked in popularity since the latter part of the 20th century. They present a different take on home decor, one that's rooted in connections to nature instead of better living through chemistry.

The Drawbacks: Beautiful as it may be, wood is often the most vulnerable to scratches and stains. It's easily the most eco-friendly option, but that altruism comes at a cost, and sometimes the cost can reach much higher than the cost of other materials like porcelain.

At the end of the day, you're likely going to need help installing your new flooring. Whether you hire the top terrazzo flooring contractors in your area or simply call a neighbor for a helping hand, it's good to understand that not all jobs are truly DIY, especially when it comes to the future of your home.

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