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Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Since early 2000, Trend Group has manufactured Terrazzo Floor Tile with emphasis on beauty, customization and durability. Trend Terrazzo Tile, brings back the timeless look of terrazzo, without the time frame of the installation and complications of a terrazzo floor.

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Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floor: No Elbow Grease Required

Floors comprise a large surface area in our homes and offices, so choosing a floor surface that’s easy to clean and maintain is an important step in saving time and energy. Solid surface floors are generally much easier to keep clean than carpeted surfaces, where millions of fibers can provide a toehold for dirt, dust and even dust mites, bacteria and other tiny organisms.

Wood floors may be somewhat easier to clean than carpets, but they require consistent maintenance to retain their good looks, especially in heavily trafficked areas where maintenance can be extremely time-consuming. Every few years, wood floors need to be stripped and refinished in order to avoid splintering and other types of damage that can eventually destroy the floor’s strength.

Stone floors and ceramic tile floors are easier than carpet or wood, requiring regular damp mopping to look good. But stone is extremely costly, and it doesn’t always do a good job of repelling stains or scratches, especially when a softer stone like marble is used. Ceramic is cheaper, but tile sizes are relatively small, which means you’ll have a lot of grout lines to seal and keep clean.

Terrazzo flooring offers all the benefits of a stone floor – durability, ease of maintenance and beauty – at a fraction of the price, and Trend terrazzo is even more economical than many other types of terrazzo flooring options. Cleaning terrazzo floors is as simple as damp mopping with plain water or water with a little mild detergent added, and its impermeability to water means that even spills are no problem – just wipe them clean with a damp rag.

Terrazzo floors are flexible and lighter weight than stone slabs, which means larger expanses can be used, limiting the number of joints and grout lines that need to be maintained.

And because terrazzo cleaning doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals, they’re a better choice for the environment and for people who suffer from allergies or other sensitivities. Terrazzo cleaning also doesn’t require special equipment like many other types of flooring, and on the rare occasion when a stain or discoloration does occur, or in an instance when a spill goes unnoticed for a long period of time, it can be removed with a cleaner developed for terrazzo.

Why spend hours – and lots of money – keeping your floors clean when you could keep your floors looking great simply with occasional damp mopping? Learn about all our easy-to-maintain flooring options by exploring our site, or request more information by filling out our online contact form today.


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