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Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Since early 2000, Trend Group has manufactured Terrazzo Floor Tile with emphasis on beauty, customization and durability. Trend Terrazzo Tile, brings back the timeless look of terrazzo, without the time frame of the installation and complications of a terrazzo floor.

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Terrazzo Floor Installation

The value of any flooring material can be determined by its durability, its beauty and its cost, and when it comes to terrazzo flooring, durability and beauty are built in. Nonetheless, for some terrazzo floor installation jobs, cost can be a prohibitive factor, often exceeding the budget set aside for floor coverings. Trend’s terrazzo flooring products were developed to address the third factor – cost – by simplifying the installation process so it takes less time and less money.

At Trend, our terrazzo floor installation begins with proper preparation of the underlying floor surface to ensure the best and strongest bond and a fast, hassle-free installation with no costly “surprises” along the way. Our installation professionals are familiar with all types of floor substrates, and they understand the steps that need to be taken to ensure the best and most durable bonds.

Depending upon the type of substrate, the underlying floor may need to be sealed or leveled to ensure the best results and to enable the adhesive bonding agent to work properly. Flooring materials and bonding adhesives also require a brief period of storage at room temperature once they’re delivered to achieve the best bond.

Greater flexibility, less weight

Once the terrazzo flooring installation process begins, laying the floor is a relatively simple process that doesn’t involve the complicated steps and installation risks associated with solid stone flooring. What’s more, the durable construction and special manufacturing process of a Trend terrazzo floor results in a more lightweight and flexible product that’s less costly to ship and much easier to maneuver onsite, even in tight or awkward spaces, so labor costs stay low. Terrazzo’s flexibility is due to its use of tiny stone or glass chips bonded within a special durable agent that enable the flooring to be easily cut and shaped, making it ideal for mosaics and spaces with curves or odd angles.

By comparison, stone slabs can be excessively heavy, requiring special equipment to jockey the slabs into place. The risk of chipping, breakage and other types of damage is high, and matching the natural grain can become problematic in smaller spaces or spaces with unusual dimensions. Also, because of stone’s weight, it may also require special supports underneath the floor to provide proper support, and the powerful adhesives needed for proper bonding can be more costly.

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To learn more about terrazzo floor installation and how Trend terrazzo is making it easier than ever to have a beautiful, durable floor, contact us today.


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