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Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Since early 2000, Trend Group has manufactured Terrazzo Floor Tile with emphasis on beauty, customization and durability. Trend Terrazzo Tile, brings back the timeless look of terrazzo, without the time frame of the installation and complications of a terrazzo floor.

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Terrazzo Floor Repair

One of the reasons terrazzo flooring is so popular is that it’s durable and virtually damage-proof. There are rare occasions when a terrazzo floor does become chipped or gouged or sustains some other type of damage, a terrazzo floor repair can have your floor looking as good as new in no time.

There are many companies that claim to perform terrazzo repairs, but before deciding which company to use for your floor repair, take some time to make sure they have lots of experience as well as good references from satisfied customers. Photos of repairs are good, but bear in mind lighting can have an effect, which means experience and customer recommendations are very important.

Hiring A Terrazzo Floor Contractor – Factors to Consider

In addition to hiring a contractor who understands the ins and outs of terrazzo floor repair, there are two additional factors to consider: First, make sure the repair uses a bonding filler agent that’s as close as possible to the agent used in the original floor. The bonding filler is the material that you see in between the tiny flecks of stone or glass, and when new material used for a repair is substantially different in color from the material used in the rest of the floor, the repair can be very easy to see even from a few feet away. Beware of companies that claim to use filler that matches any floor coloration. In some cases when a standard color is used such as off-white, matching may not be a problem; but when a different color is used, developing the best match can require mixing to get just the right shade.

Also, make sure the contractor uses the same type of inclusion material – that is, the small bits of glass or stone – that are used in the rest of your floor. Terrazzo floors get their distinctive custom look from the colors and sizes of inclusions they use, and repairing a spot with inclusions that are much larger or smaller than the original flooring or using a different shade of inclusion material can be a dead giveaway that your floor has been repaired.

Repairing terrazzo floors isn’t difficult, but it does require some skill to get the best results. The good news is, done correctly, terrazzo floor repairs are just as long lasting as the original floor, and will provide you with years of beauty and durability.


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