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Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Since early 2000, Trend Group has manufactured Terrazzo Floor Tile with emphasis on beauty, customization and durability. Trend Terrazzo Tile, brings back the timeless look of terrazzo, without the time frame of the installation and complications of a terrazzo floor.

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Restoring Your Terrazzo Floor: What to Expect

Terrazzo floors aren't just durable and easy to maintain - they're also beautiful, deriving a custom look from the tiny inclusions of glass and stone that impart a sleek yet warm look for any home. In most cases, all that's needed to keep a terrazzo floor looking great is regular cleaning with a mop, either dry or dampened with water and, on occasion, a mild detergent. Sometimes in areas of high traffic or in spots where chairs or other objects are pulled across the surface repeatedly, or when a discoloration doesn't respond to special cleaning agents, a terrazzo floor may need a little additional help to stay looking its best. That's where terrazzo-flooring restoration comes in.

Restoring a terrazzo floor is a straightforward process, but it does require special equipment, so generally, it's a task best left to professionals. After all the furniture is removed from the room, the floor is covered in a thin layer of water to provide a sort of “skimming surface” for the special polisher that's used for restoration. This piece of equipment uses special polishing pads, passing them over the surface to remove stains and smooth the surface. Generally three grades of abrading pads are used, ranging from a coarse pad to a very fine pad for the final pass.

In between passes, a vacuum hose is used to remove the dirty water and the area is re-flooded before the next pass. Once the resurfacing has been completed, another polisher will be used to buff the floor and a final coat of sealant may be applied. Any grout lines that have become loosened or are no longer level will also be repaired and sealed to ensure that impermeable surface that makes terrazzo floors an ideal choice even for areas of high moisture.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Cost

Terrazzo floor restoration cost varies depending on your geographic region, so the best way to make sure you're getting the best deal is to get several written estimates and then compare. Just be sure the contractors you're comparing are offering the same level of service and that they have the experience that's needed to ensure the best results. Depending on the level of restoration and the grinding powders used, you can expect a terrazzo floor restoration to cost from about $3 to $10 per square foot. Once restored, your floor will continue to look great for years to come.


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